YouTube’s New Commenting System- Was it Necessary At All?

Google has already drawn flak from loyal YouTube users ever since it rolled out a new commenting system for YouTube.  The reason for this backlash is due to two reasons. One, users have to use their real name while making comments and second, users have to use Google + and sync these two sites together. At the time of this writing, the YouTube video describing the new system has got 55,127 thumbs down and only 2,645 thumbs up. All the comments are against this new change. Google introduced this change to reduce spam and improve conversations in YouTube. However, there has been a surge in spam after this new system was introduced. So, the question is, was this change necessary at all?

YouTube’s New Commenting System

Spam and more spam

The idea was to reduce spam, but YouTube videos have now been flooded with spam in the comment section. Previously people were annoyed by mindless comments, but they were not as harmful as the links that are now being posted in this site. Even ASCII text, depicting pictures are doing the rounds in the comments, when this commenting system was supposed to detect them properly. All this is proof enough that Google couldn’t make much of an improvement to reduce spam. Spammers have benefitted with this change as they can now post malicious links in the comments.

Invading the privacy

Google has invaded the privacy of users, as they can no longer post comments anonymously. They have to use Google+ and make the comments. This means they have to use their real name. Majority of the people used to comment with fake names, as they didn’t want to reveal their personal identity.

Is it to promote Google+?

It is a known fact that Google+ has not been able to make a mark among users. When compared to other social media sites, this site is not as popular and the number of users is few. By compelling people to sign up for this site or using this site to comment in YouTube videos, it is natural to suspect that Google is trying to promote its social network usage. It might be leveraging on the popularity of YouTube and using it as a platform for Google+ promotion.

Changes being made to fix the issues

While people want the old YouTube commenting system to be back and are signing a petition for that, Google is thinking differently. It is trying to fix the issues so that spam is reduced significantly. It is clearly not in the mood to listen to what the petitioners have to say.

Even if the issues do get fixed and the spams get reduced, the question still remains whether syncing Google+ with YouTube and making other changes in the commenting system was necessary at all.

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