4 Helpful Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

You may have put in a huge effort in making that video of yours. However, that doesn’t guarantee you a million views in YouTube. Of course, the story is different if you are a huge celebrity or have uploaded a video of a cute baby or your adorable pet.  When every minute, almost 100 hours of content is uploaded, your video stands an infinitesimal chance to even get noticed by users. Hence, you have to be exceptionally well if you want to accomplish this feat. If your video is optimized carefully, you can still get a decent number of views. To help you out, here are some quick tips that you can follow.

YouTube Videos Optimization tips

  1. Content, Content and more Content

The key to successful optimization lies in content. Whether you are creating a video or writing an article, content is always important. Engaging content will pave the way for more views, likes and comments. Your viewers should get the urge to share the videos you post. Once you strike the right chord, there is no looking back. Depending on your brand, you can also share informative content, provided it is shareable.

  1. Keep the Title Alive & Don’t Forget to Tag

Title of the video is just as important as your name. If you don’t have a name, you cannot be identified. It’s just the same for the video you post. Without a proper title, how can users identify the content! So, don’t forget to add the title.

If you want to rank for certain keywords, it is essential you add them in the tags of your video. Since YouTube cannot identify video content yet, you must add text to make it comprehensible. Use tags which are relevant to your business. Remember not to overuse these tags.

With use of proper title and tags, you will get a good ‘watch time’, the metric of a successful video.

  1. Add Closed Captions

Apart from adding tags and title, you can also add closed captions. This will give you an edge over the others and your video will rank higher in YouTube search results. All you need to do is transcribe and upload the closed caption files for all the videos you create. These videos are available in multiple formats, depending on the preference of the users.  For this reason, transcribed videos rank higher than others.

  1. Make a Call to Action

What’s the use of just showing videos to your users, unless you have a strong call to action? One of the vital requirements for ranking is to have a call to action in every video your share in YouTube. You can use the descriptions as well as annotations and urge your viewers to take required action. With apt annotations, you can increase the viewership and engage your viewers more.

So, optimize your YouTube videos by following the above tips and see a surge in web traffic.

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