Is Google Voice the Future User Interface?

Well, it seems that Google believes that voice will be the future interface for users. The combination of advanced features in smartphones and Google’s voice search feature has made it possible for users to get answers easily and quickly. More and more users are now opting for voice search. Leading phones like Nexus 5 and Moto X with Android Kitkat OS, doesn’t require the users to start voice recognition separately. They can talk to it whenever they feel like. For every voice related feature of Google, now everything starts with “Ok”, like “Ok Glass” or “Ok Google”.

Google Voice

Early Days of voice Recognition

In the early days, when voice recognition feature had just started to be used by people, it was really problematic. Apart from the whole process being weird for talking to a lifeless object, the tools were also limited. They didn’t understand clearly what the users spoke. Pronunciation needed to be perfect and some tools even worked only on commands that were pre-approved.

A Changed World

Google has worked on these issues and has created its own voice commands which will let you use it without any problem through the Chrome browser and your phones. You can make voice searches with it and the answers will also be spoken back to you. Interestingly enough, many actions might even lead to short conversations with your phone or PC. What’s even more interesting is that, Google can understand pronouns in those extended conversations.

What can Google’s Voice Commands do?

Apart from the normal voice searches, it can perform different commands. For example if you ask it “Call Dad”, it will follow your order. The voice recognition feature can also perform other functions which include:

  • Opening a web page for you
  • Answering complex questions
  • Converting currencies
  • Setting up reminders and appointments
  • Sending texts and emails
  • Translating phrases and words

All this is possible due to the Knowledge Graph, which is a huge storehouse of data of Google.

While many people still don’t use voice search in front of others as they feel weird, the time is not far when this will become a common practice. With Google Glass in the scene, the preferable user interface will definitely be voice in the near future.

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