‘Google Now’ now Available for Google Chrome

Google Now has been recently rolled out to desktop versions of Google Chrome. This means that users of the iOS and Android apps of Google Now will be able to see the related notifications from their desktops, while they are using Chrome. With Google Now, you will be able to get the right information just at the right time in the form of cards. It can serve as your personal assistant, right from providing reminders about important dates to providing relevant suggestions like nearby hotels, upcoming events, et al. If you have already been using this feature in your phone, it’s time to use it for your desktop.

Google Now for Google Chrome

Google Now on Chrome

The notifications that you will be receiving in your desktop, while using Chrome, will also be in the form of the usual Google Now cards. You will be notified about different things like sports scores, weather updates, reminders for imminent events and traffic alerts. Among these, some notifications of the desktop will be decided by the location of your mobile devices.

A subset of the Now cards that you see in your mobile device and which uses your device’s location, will be visible for Google Now on Chrome. As per a blog post by Google, you will be able to see these location-based cards on your desktop, only if you have turned on the Location Reporting settings in your mobile device.

When you have this setting enabled on your phone, the types of notifications that you will get, will be tailored on the basis of the device’s location. This will be possible even if Chrome is not in use.

Using Google Now on Chrome

To start using Google Now on Chrome, you need to sign into Chrome with the same account that you use for Google Now on your mobile. If you are unable to do so right now, do not worry as Google has just started out with this feature and will be rolling it out in the next few weeks.

The first use of this feature had started last month but was restricted to Chrome’s beta version only with just English as the available language. But, with this latest update of Google Now for Chrome, notifications will be available for all languages.

If you have Google Now for your mobile, you will now be able to get real time traffic alerts also.

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