Old Google Maps Finally Makes Way for the New One

The old Google Maps for PC was updated at Google’s “I/O” developer conference last year around May and the new version was introduced. Since then, the new version of the desktop Maps has been in “preview” mode. Until now, users could shuffle between the two versions- the classic and the new one, as per their choice. However, the old version has now finally made way for the new one and from now onwards, the new one will be the default Google Maps for desktop.  New features have been added in the latest version. Let us check out what’s in store for us in the new version of Google Maps.


Enhanced features

Google has been busy adding new features ever since the introduction of the new version of Maps. Constant tweaks and adjustments were made whenever necessary. The end result is a more visually appealing product than the old one and has numerous improved features which include:

  • Smart direction-finding to various destinations.
  • Interior photography, tours of photos and rich images.
  • Addition of airline, restaurant and hotel reservations just like Google Now.
  • Enhanced data and provision of direction for public transit.
  • Booking of hotels.
  • Improved social content and personalization of results.
  • Addition of reviews and ratings of various places.
  • Information about traffic updates.

Other Changes

Apart from adding more features, one feature has also been done away with. Users won’t be able to get the ‘search nearby’ feature which was there in the old Maps. Many users find the absence of this feature a drawback for the new Google Maps. The Street View’s Pegman was also removed at first, but it was again included in the new version of the Maps.

Competition for Google?

When it comes to digital mapping platform, Google Maps is currently in the leading position without any doubt. It is also one of the most successful products of Google, after its search engine, YouTube and Android.

However, competition is close by in the form of competitors like Apple and OpenStreetMap. In order to keep its leading position intact, Google needs to continue investing in Google Maps and in developing it.

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