Flickr Unveils its Redesigned Android and iOS Apps

Flickr has undergone quite some changes in its look and functionalities. On Thursday, the completely redesigned app for its Android and iOS devices was unveiled by Flickr. The restyled apps now include a faster navigation, an add support for high definition videos as well as a more simplified design. The changes that have been made in Flickr will be helpful for the users in different ways. Let us have a look at what changes the users can expect from this.

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New Changes in Flickr

  • Home Screen

The home screen has got a new look, which highlights on interacting with the photos in a user’s feed and also encourages sharing of those photos.

  • Timeline

The timeline has also changed, with the grid layout making way for a single-column feed which is relatively clean. This feed will display the pictures one at a time and users will get the option to comment under each picture or share any image they like.

  • Navigation of the App

The latest version of the app has a much faster navigation compared to other versions. The speed of the search was a primary focus during the change and now it has been significantly increased. Users can now search photos at a significantly faster rate.

  • Search

The search has also been improved by Flickr by integrating the metadata of images into the app. The metadata includes the type of camera, the settings of the camera and the information of the location of the users.

  • In-app Video Capture

The new version of the Flickr app has also included in-app video capture. High definition videos of 30 seconds duration, can be recorded by the users and they can also share the videos within the app. Live filters of Flickr can also be included with the videos.

According to the Vice President of Flickr, Bernardo Hernandez, users can now search for photos really fast with their intelligent search engine. They won’t even have to organize the photos, as the app does it all. It can understand the place, date and time of the photos as well as the objects and scenes in those photos. With the information, the organization of photos is done easily.

Users can download 3.0 version of the Flickr app in their iOS or Android devices from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store respectively, free of charge.

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