Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher Coming Soon for Android

Mozilla has announced that it will soon bring Firefox launcher to Android. The declaration has been made on Wednesday at the InContext conference which is being held at San Francisco. Mozilla has teamed up with EverythingMe, an Israel based company to release this Android launcher. The company has taken its Android launcher out of beta on Tuesday. EverythingMe is the first completely relative launcher for the Android operating system.

Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher

What will the users get from the app?

The app will create a home screen tailored for the user. This will be possible as the app will link the flexible search of EverythingMe with Firefox’s Android app. A prediction bar will be used by the launcher which will try to guess which four apps the user will probably use. This will be done by taking certain factors into account like the user’s browsing history, time of the day and the location of the user. The launcher will also group together apps by including them in smart folders. The grouping is done on the basis of users’ interests.

What Mozilla & EverythingMe has to say?

As per Mozilla’s vice president of mobile, Andreas Gal, they are taking the best things which are offered to the users with the contextual content discovery tool of EverythingMe. With these best things, they have created this new launcher which will bring the same relative experience that was available for Firefox operating system.

According to the co-founder of EverythingMe, Ami Ben David, they are trying to figure out what the users want without their requirement of asking anything. Based on that, they are trying to make it easier and faster for the users to find contextual things. Ami Ben David gave a demonstration of the forthcoming Android app at the InContext conference on Wednesday.

Launch Date

In 2013, the first launch of Mozilla’s Firefox OS and smartphones took place. Since then, the mobile products of Mozilla are being aimed at developing markets. The exact launch date of this Mozilla Firefox launcher for Android is yet to be available. But Andreas Gal said that it would be available soon.

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