What to Expect from Facebook in the Next 10 Years?

It’s been a decade of Facebook, and the way people are still flocking this site, it can be easily hoped that its growth will continue in the coming years. Though, we have seen that big players of the past like Netscape, Alta Vista are now gone, we can hope that Facebook will not walk in the same line. It might not be a social network and turn into a media company 10 years down the line. So, what can you expect from Facebook in 2024?


Meet the Changes in User Behavior

The user behavior has changed significantly over the past few years. People are now using more smartphones than desktops. This will continue in the coming years and to meet these changes in consumer behavior, Facebook will also continue its foray into mobiles. It will focus on more mobile apps which will let users access Facebook easily and carry out other activities. 2014 has already started with the announcement of its latest app, Paper which will allow users to get a collection of news in their smart devices.

Behave like a Media Company

In the next 10 years, Facebook will behave like a media company. As mentioned earlier, it will release apps to meet the new needs of the consumers. The market needs will not only be limited to tablets and smartphones. It is probably going to reach to wearable techs as well. Facebook is already available to Google Glass users. In case smart-watches become the rage, Facebook will surely try to make its entry for these gadgets as well.

Services for Everybody

Since Facebook is a global company, it cannot focus only on smartphone and tablet users. There are still many people living in the developing countries who either access Facebook from desktops or use phones with basic features. So, in the coming years, Facebook will still continue to provide basic solutions to reach out to 2.5 million users worldwide, who will possess feature phones in 2017. Facebook declared that The Facebook For Every Phone app had reached 100 million users last July.

So, we can expect that in the coming 10 years, Facebook will provide different services for meeting the needs of the modern smartphone users and also cater to the users of the developing countries.

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