Twitter Experiments with New ‘Fave People’ Feature

If you are following numerous accounts on Twitter, you have a notion how tough it can be to read all the tweets that you are really interested in, in the hordes of other tweets. But soon, you might be able to overcome this problem as Twitter is experimenting with a new feature named ‘Fave People’. This timeline will group preferred users in one section. This feature is a more user friendly version of another feature of Twitter- ‘Lists’. This feature is currently only available for the alpha version of Android application where new features are tested before they are released to beta testers.


More about ‘Fave People’

You can keep an account of your favorite users and their accounts in a separate timeline with this feature. For those testing this feature will get a star icon on the profiles of their favorite users. To see their tweets in their timeline, they need to tap that icon. From Settings, people can select to receive notifications whenever the user tweets.

The interface reads like this:

Keep track of your favorites

“Tap the star icon on the profiles of your favorite people to see their Tweets in this timeline. You can also choose to receive notifications when they tweet from Settings.”


According to a post in TechCrunch, there are certain drawbacks of this feature. It can be a time consuming process, especially if you are following hundreds of accounts, because you have to pick out your favorite Twitter users individually. Twitter can improve this feature by making it a dedicated section where users can either turn on or off the notifications of Twitter from accounts which they find important. Users can then toggle the notifications on or off while some particular events are running. At other times, when they don’t want to get notified, they might disable those alerts.

It is however, yet to be confirmed whether this feature will be released to the public. It might happen that after alpha testing the feature might be dropped completely, if it doesn’t prove to be helpful.  So, as of now, we can just wait and watch till the ‘Fave People’ featured is released for beta testers and consecutively for the public.

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