Social Media Metrics to Measure Your Performance

Performance measure is nothing new for marketers. We must have heard them a thousand times in meetings and seminars or webinars where they all say that measuring performances is an utmost important task. And this not only sounds business-like and professional, but is also focused and goal-oriented. However, can we apply this concept to social media as well? Is there anything to measure your social media performance beyond counting the number of your friends and followers on the popular social channels? Besides, counting such numbers is now an ancient process that hardly serves your real purpose.

Social Media Metrics

The first step to measure your social media performance is to create an objective and outline the goal as precisely as possible. Write down in bullet format what you want to achieve through your efforts on Facebook or Twitter. This will help you to define your purposes. Adding friends and followers randomly can hardly be a valid metric to judge your social media performance. If you are wondering why it cannot be a metric, the answer is simple. Most of these people you add on Facebook and Twitter are either spam profiles created mostly by fellow online marketers to push their products and services. Thus, adding these people will not serve your purpose. What you need to do is think in term of “Like”, “Share” or “Retweet”s as these are the metrics that helps to determine your social media performance. Also, the number of visits of your social page is also important. Simultaneously, you need to check how many of your page viewers are actually visiting your website and/ or clicking the links you have provided on your brand pages.

Once you have these metrics, you need to narrow down your criteria. You need to find out if you are able to reach out to your targeted audience on the social networking sites. For this, you need to conduct a profile check of the people added to you or following you on the social channels like Facebook and Twitter. See if they fit your targeted consumer group; if yes, engage them with some productive social media chatter and motivate them to invite their friends to Like or Follow your page/ profile. And this only happens when you have truly connected with your targeted consumer groups who are interested in what you are offering.

In order to help you to measure your social media statistics, there are several tools. Most of them are free tools, though some charge a nominal fee. The free tools are good enough for newbie, but if you are serious about your social media efforts and/ or have dynamic strategies, then it is recommended to go with the paid versions.

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