Social Media for Brands – 2

social media marketingIn continuation to our previous post, here are some more tips for social media branding:

Be brief: Short and sweet is the mantra for social media marketing. The average attention of a reader on social channels lasts for just a few seconds and you must grab it within that time frame. Also remember that that you have lesser time to hold that attention. To create immediate impact with your posts, use concise language, references, links, and visual assets. They will also help to convey the information just at a glance. Try to explain your entire idea in a single statement that quickly and clearly communicates the subject matter to the target audience. Your references and links are for the readers who would like to dive deeper into the topic.

Keep it strictly business: It is not a good idea to mix pleasure and business in social media contexts. Have separate personal and corporate accounts. Remember that your users want to follow your business accounts because they want information that they can identify with the brand. Thus, the content must go with the core image and focus of your business. Do not post any information outside of this realm, as it is likely to prompt confusion and surprise or even indifference, reflecting poorly on your brand. Also, the communications must be on-topic, polite, and professional. If there is any place for controversy or misinterpretation, skip posting to play it safe.

Never hog the conversation: Self-centered conversation hog is the last thing you would want to do in social networks. Listen before speak on these channels as the rules of online behavior and dynamics of conversation differ here based on the context and your audience. Engage your audience proactively and your content must be divided between information your audience would like to know about and things to promote your brand.

Respect the use hashtag: These are great tools for highlighting relevant topics and drawing attention o your audience, resulting in your fan engagement. But used incorrectly or in inappropriate contexts and too frequently, they are dangerous. Overusing hashtags and placing them in unrelated posts will hardly help to drive added visibility; rather it would leave your viewers feeling cheated. This, in turn, often creates negative reaction damaging our online efforts.

Finally, promote your brand positivity to take advantage of the online opportunities. Your post must be less promotional and more beneficial in nature to enhance the reader’s experience. Most importantly, do not fall into the temptation of inflating the truth online. It can backfire and in worst scenarios, it can even cause potential legal repercussions. Keep it simple, short and true in nature and your brand is bound to be successful in the social sphere.

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