How to Engage your Facebook Followers using Content?

Have you ever speculated how some businesses radically increase their fan following and get loads of comments and likes in each of their posts? On the other hand, there are many pages which struggle to get similar results, even though they give their best. The difference lies in the usage of content. You may be following the basic content formula of 60/30/10, i.e. 60 percent content should be entertaining, 30 percent inspiring and 10 percent promotional, but that doesn’t guarantee you success. Your content strategy should be devised to create the maximum engagement. Once your fans engage with your brand, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your profit. You just have to know the right way to use your content, some of which are provided here.

Engage your Facebook Followers

  • Create Persuasive Content to Maximize Engagement

Persuasive content has been observed to garner maximum engagement. You can build your relationship with your fans by engaging them in small talk or some humorous banter. You can grow an emotional bond with them if you use persuasive content. Share posts which provide some amazing facts or you can also share information through which your fans can know more about your values, thought process as well as your brand. If you support any charitable cause, your followers will be able to relate to you on an emotional level.

  • Interactive Content is a Must

Interaction and engagement go hand in hand. If you want to engage your prospective customers, you must make it a point to interact with them.  This is possible only when you post interactive content in your Facebook page. You can ask questions based on day to day life or any trivia type ones. You can also ask your visitors to fill in the blanks. Create any common question which your users will find interesting and where you can get replies. Make sure you reply to the comments that your posts will get.

  • Avoid too much of Informative Content

Facebook is not a place where you can burden your fans with price, details about your products and other informative stuff. This will keep visitors away from your page and you will not get a chance to engage them. So avoid posting informative content overtly for promotion. Instead you can use it in a subtle way by creating an interesting catch. You can first stir your visitors’ emotion by relating them to your product and then promote it.

Apart from the above ways to use your content in Facebook, you must also keep in mind not to put in complex messages. Always maintain the ‘less is more’ policy. You have a few seconds to grab the visitors’ attention when they come to your page. If you share lengthy posts, they will automatically avoid that post and move away from your page. Use your content carefully and see the likes and comments flowing in along with growing fans.

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