Facebook:The Social Media Site for All Ages

Facebook is the social media site which is used by individuals of all ages. This revelation comes from the results of a recent survey that was conducted in October 2013, for US citizens using desktops to access social media. The records show that while Facebook is popular among all ages, the younger lot was more interested in using Twitter. Most of the LinkedIn users on the other hand, were in the upper age bracket. Half of the unique visitors for Twitter were comprised of individuals younger than 35 years. Two thirds of the unique visitors of LinkedIn comprised of individuals older than 35 years of age. Get an overview of the age group of users of these three social media sites.

Facebook:The Social Media Site for All Ages

Age 2- 12

Kids are now joining social media sites from a very small age. As per the October stats, it was observed that Facebook was most popular among users of 2 to 12 years, with Twitter in the second position. LinkedIn wasn’t a favorable choice, when it came to social media usage, for this age group.

Age 13 – 17 & 18- 24

The trend was similar for individuals for these two age groups. There was a significant rise in the number of Twitter users compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter was popular among teens and youth. Facebook users were a close second to Twitter users in the age group of 13 to 17.  But for 18 – 24 age group, Twitter user percentage had increased significantly.

Age 25- 34

This age group had the maximum percentage of Twitter users. The percentage of LinkedIn users saw a gradual rise and it exceeded Facebook. In this age group Facebook users were less compared to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Age 35- 44

From this age group onwards, the percentage of LinkedIn users started outpacing the other two. Facebook and Twitter was equally popular among users of this age group.

Age 45- 54

Older people in this age bracket were mostly using LinkedIn. The maximum percentage of LinkedIn users were comprised of this age group. From 44 onwards, there was a rise in Facebook users as compared to Twitter.

Age 55- 64

There was a significant decline in the number of Twitter users in this age group. LinkedIn users outpaced the users of the other two sites by a fair percentage, and the difference was the maximum. Facebook again occupied the second position for this age bracket.

Age 65+

Senior citizens comprised the major percentage of LinkedIn users. Facebook was yet again popular among this age bracket. But, it was not the same for Twitter. Individuals of this age group didn’t find much interest in Twitter.

When you see all the data, you will find that Facebook is favored by people of all ages.

Here is Statista’s chart which shows the percentage and the age group of users for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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