How to Create the Right Type of Content for Twitter?

You create content in your website, for sharing it among your friends and followers in social media, which in turn will help in your branding as well as get you good traffic. But, the right type of content should be used if you want it to be shared. You must know what type of content will be shared most in different social channels like Twitter. There are some which are shared more than the other types of content. Let us have a look at the type of content that will help you drive traffic and branding in Twitter.

Content for Twitter

  • Text performs the best

Among the different types of content like videos, memes and even images, text works the best. But you have to be sure what type of text content you are using. If you can keep your tweet within 100 characters and attach a link to your website, with it, you will most likely get more retweets and engage your followers more. This will also help you drive traffic to your site.

In case of text based tweets, how-to and list based content perform better than any personal tweets.

  • Quotes better than questions

If you ask your followers questions, you might get numerous replies, compared to quotes. But in case of quotes, you are going to get more retweets. If your intention is to communicate with your followers, you can share questions in your brand’s Twitter account. But, if you want to brand yourself, you can create image based quotes with your corporate logo. This will help your logo to be seen by many Twitter users.

  • Images are better than videos

Though images fall behind text based content, they are ahead of videos in Twitter. Your followers will tweet more images than your posted videos. You might get more favorites for your videos, but more retweets will come from your images. Creative use of images incorporated with your brand’s logo will help you from a branding point of view.

  • Avoid memes

While memes might be a rage in Facebook, they don’t seem to find many takers in Twitter. Avoid memes if your goal is to increase your branding and generate traffic for your site. You won’t find any positive result with the use of memes.

So, share the right type of content in Twitter and see how you will be benefited from this social site both in terms of traffic generation and establishing your brand.

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