Clever Promotions Being Used By Brands To Market On Pinterest

After launching branded profiles on Pinterest, a lot of businesses are developing promotions on the policy, encouraging consumers to follow profiles of pin items and individual brands from their websites.

Pinterest Lottery Example

Branding is very essential for any business. Recently, BMI (British Midland International) launched a “Pinterest Lottery”. This airline has posted a sequence of boards on their Pinterest page featuring logo-clad and numbered photos from 5 destinations: Dublin, Nice, Moscow, Marrakech and Beirut. Users are requested to repin up to 6 pictures. At the end of every week, the company chooses a number randomly; the users who had repined the picture with that number are qualified for an opportunity to win a pair of free of charge return flights to their BMI destination of choice.

pinterest marketing strategy

As you can see leveraging Pinterest in this way is a huge draw for people who use the website and are enticed by the images / offers that can be used.

Pinning Means Winning

Lands’ End Canvas began a promotion known as “Lands’ End Canvas Pin It to Win It”, in December. The apparel brand fans were requested to pin things from to selected Lands’ End Canvas pinboards so as to get an opportunity to win one of the items.

Using Occassions

Barneys New York initiated a similar campaign before the Valentine’s Day. This Manhattan-based retailer encouraged its other social channels followers to follow its Pinterest page and generate a “ Barneys New York Valentine’s Day Wish List” board in the Men’s or Women’s Apparel categories. Although participants could pin whatever they wished to their boards, at least 5 items had to be obtained from so as to qualify for the contest. The entries were handled by email.


These campaigns are similar to those ran by marketers in the early days of Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, when brands provided discounts or free goods for retweets, likes and follows. Although these kinds of campaigns can at times up follower “engagement” and counts in the short-term, they offer little lasting value. According to Shelby McLeod and Noah King, if the goals are short-term, then utilizing cheap tactics could be effective. However, the short-term gains will not have much of a lasting impact.

Developing Relationships Is How To Win

McLeod and King pointed out that instead of using people for statistical benefits, marketers and brands should center on defining their brand strategy voice as well as creating a community of devoted followers with whom they frequently interact. According to them, the best technique is to think of every pin, every comment, every follow and every Like as a small gesture between 2 people building a relationship.

It is through many small interactions that a connection is cultivated that is based on loyalty and trust. And those are the kinds of connections which make a single member of the community very valuable.

Becoming A Resource

King and McLeod pointed to Whole Foods as a good example of a brand which uses Pinterest just like any other user. Although the pins tend to relate to the core values of Whole Foods, which include organic, sustainable and natural, the content is not promotional and it does not necessarily point back to this grocer’s site.

A good amount of its content is culled from interesting blogs as well as other third-party resources, which makes Whole Foods a source of DIY projects, recipes, upcycling advice and more. People do not need another incentive to follow a brand.

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