5 Social Media Statistics to Make You Astounded

Ever since social media made its entry in the web world, you might have come across numerous articles providing different information related to it. However, it is really essential to get your facts right, when it comes to social media. If you don’t have proper data, you won’t be able to make a good social media strategy for your website. When everybody is busy competing with one another for creating an online presence, it is vital to have strong social media knowledge. Think twice, before you feel you have a rock solid social media strategy up your sleeve. Here are some astonishing social media statistics which will make you do so.

Social Media Statistics and trends

  1. Age Bracket of 55- 64 is the Most Rapidly Increasing Demographic on Twitter

Shocked to know about this fact? As statistics show, this age bracket has grown by 79 percent since 2012. Just below that, age bracket of 45- 54 is the most rapidly growing demographic on Google+ and Facebook. The increase has been 46 percent for Facebook, whereas 56 percent for Google+. So, if your target audience lies in this age group, you must post content which they will also find appealing. Do not just keep youngsters in mind while planning your social media strategy.

  1. YouTube more popular than TV among US adults of 18- 34 Age Group

In US, people of this age group are more inclined to YouTube videos than TV.  You should be aware of this fact, if your brand is catering to them. While the entire cable network can reach out to a large customer base, videos shared in YouTube can work wonders in garnering young followers. If you haven’t yet created and posted any customized video promoting your brand in YouTube, it is high time you do so.

  1. ‘Mobile only’ Facebook Users amount to 189 Million

Around 189 million people use mobile for accessing Facebook. With such a huge population of ‘mobile only’ users, it is essential that you make your website mobile friendly. Check your site’s device compatibility and make social sharing easy.

  1. Social media is Used by 93% Marketers for Promoting their Business

Statistics show that barring 7 percent of marketers, everybody else uses social media for promoting their business. Social media marketing has become an important part of marketing strategy. If you fall in the 7 percent group, you are missing out on valuable prospects. So start using social media with immediate effect.

  1. Two New Users Join Every Second in LinkedIn

LinkedIn also has its fair share of members. You will be surprised to know that per second, two users register in this site. This is a platform essentially for professionals. Connecting with your competitors is also necessary. This will give you an idea about their social approach. If you create your group and provide valuable information, you will definitely see a growth in leads.

Now that you are aware of the astounding facts about social media, make it a point to devise your social media plan accordingly.

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