10 Tips For Facebook Posts That Spark Engagement

You want more interaction and engagement on your fanpage. Join the club! What’s the point of a Facebook page that no one is interacting with? It’s like talking in a microphone with only yourself in the room. Facebook isn’t about broadcasting; it’s about connecting. You want to build relationships with the people you are targeting.

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It’s all about sparking engagement and we’re going to help you know how to do that with these great tips. Here are 10 tips for Facebook posts that will spark engagement:

  1. Keep it brief. Your posts don’t have to be super long. Research shows that shorter, scannable posts get more engagement. Keeping it below 250 characters is ideal.
  2. Keep it consistent. Try to post regularly. This doesn’t mean spam your wall but it does mean post every day. Whether it’s once or three times daily, just keep it consistent for best results.
  3. Ask questions. Keep it to questions with fairly simple answers but ask your fans for thoughts, ideas and opinions. What better way is there to gain engagement than by asking what they think?
  4. Post multimedia. Get interactive with images, videos and infographics- anything interesting and that stands out from the regular posts.
  5. Make your posts timely. Be aware of what’s happening in the world and in your niche. Make timely posts and you’re sure to spark more engagement.
  6. Know your readers. Take time to learn about the people who read and post on your page. Visit their profiles and learn something more about them. Remember what they say when they interact on your page. Then use this info to personalize it when you respond to them. Other page visitors will also notice you’re paying attention.
  7. Throw in a call to action. “Like if you ____.” “Share if you ____.” Putting calls to action right there in your posts can really do the trick.
  8. Give your fans something exclusive. Post something to your page that they won’t find anywhere else. This gives them the incentive to stay on your page and to interact with it.
  9. Make use of great images. A picture is worth a thousand words. Go ahead and share a few yourself and see what happens.
  10. Be thankful. Posts that thank you fans, tag others who are relevant to the conversation, share posts from others and express gratitude are sure to increase engagement. Give it a try yourself and see what we mean.

With these 10 tips for sparking engagement, you can have a bigger, better fanpage. You can kick start your efforts with the purchase of some fans but remember that it will take more than that to have an engaging page. So read these tips, remember them and apply them often for best results.

Building and maintaining a fanpage is an ongoing process. It’s not something you just do once and then walk away. You must continue to create quality content, interact with your fans and be consistent if you really want to see regular engagement on your page.

Do you have any tricks for increasing engagement on your page?

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Tracy Sharp is a blogger and Facebook fan who loves sharing her knowledge and tips about the site with others.

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