Video Campaigns Report Rolling out in Google Analytics

Google is making yet another change in Google Analytics which will be of help for the advertisers. The company is presenting a new report in Google Analytics which will help advertisers get more insights into the performance of the ads they place in YouTube TrueView and which are managed through the campaigns of AdWords for Video. The new report is known as the Video Campaigns report. Over the next few days, the Video Campaigns report will be rolled out in Google Analytics accounts.


The Video Campaigns report

To see the Video Campaigns report, users need to check the AdWords section, which is contained in the Acquisition menu. The metrics that will be provided in the report are related to TrueView and include metrics like Website Clicks, Cost Per View and Paid Views. Advertisers will be able to see how users engage with their website as well as with a video ad through new metric groups like Engagement.

But, to make the data available in Google Analytics, you need to connect the Analytics account with the AdWords account and you also have to activate the auto-tagging option in AdWords account.

Google Display Network Impression Reporting

The Google Display Network Impression Reporting is still being piloted by Google to help webmasters measure the indirect traffic that is generated from video campaigns and displays which are brand oriented. This report will show the actions or conversions that occurred due to video views or un-clicked impressions. You have to sign up for the limited whitelist to get access to this report. When you have the access, it will be available in the Multi-Channel Funnels section, which you will get from the Conversions menu in Analytics.

Another announcement was also made by Google which told that there will be a change in the way advertisers manage network targeting for TrueView ads. Apart from that, another change will come in the number of ad formats of TrueView, which will be reduced from three to two. These two formats will be in-stream and in-display. In-stream will show up as pre-rolls in other videos of YouTube. In-display will be displayed on the Google Content Network or on YouTube as thumbnails in its search results, together with similar videos.

Advertisers will definitely be benefited with this new change.

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