Guest Blogging for SEO- Is it Nearing its Death?

A time was there when guest blogging was one of the best practices in terms of SEO. But now, after Matt Cutts has declared guest blogging to be more of a spammy practice, can we say that this practice is nearing its death? SEO techniques have seen similar effect since a long time. Techniques which were introduced as white hat soon went on to be labeled by Google as black hat due to their abuse. You won’t find such methods in use now. As Matt Cutts suggests, SEO marketers have started abusing the use of guest blogs. So, if you own a blog, you should be extra careful while accepting guest posts.

Guest Blogging for SEO

Guest Posts for SEO and Link Building

Matt Cutts hasn’t totally labeled guest blogging as bad. But he has clearly said that you should stop guest blogging for SEO purpose or with the intention of building backlinks. When guest posts started out, they provided value to the users. But now, they have just become sources for spam generation. This practice is now generating lot of spam in the web space. The quality has gone down to such extent that the guest posts are now even being automated. So, bloggers or site owners should steer clear of such requests coming from low quality sites.

How to avoid being marked as spam?

If you love writing guest posts and don’t want to be marked as spam by Google, you should avoid certain practices. These include:

  • Asking for dofollow links and relying on it for your SEO link building strategy
  • Writing the same guest post for different blog sites
  • Sending numerous blast emails with guest post proposition
  • Spinning one article numerous times and guest posting it

Quality Guest Blogging

However, Matt Cutts hasn’t completely ruled out guest blogging. Quality guest posts are still valuable. If not for SEO, but it is still valued for other reasons. If you provide a high quality guest blog, you can gain exposure, increase your reach to a larger audience, create a community, etc. A good guest post will also be helpful in branding. In fact multi-author blogs of high quality were valuable earlier and will continue to remain so.

Blog owners should just maintain caution when such requests come up and should allow posts from bloggers whom they know properly if they don’t want their sites to be marked as spam.

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