Boost up Your Blog Traffic with 4 Quick SEO Tips

Do you have a blog which does not get many visitors? Well then, you urgently need to take some measures  to boost  your traffic. Like any website, in case of blogs also, you need to follow proper SEO techniques. Once you optimize your blog posts, you will see a hike in the number of visitors. If you have a good blog which contains unique and informative content, then people will automatically visit your blog regularly. All you need to do is just bring them once to your blog. Your online presence has to be created for that, so that people get to know that your blog exists. Here are a few quick tips on SEO which will help you to increase the number of visitors to your blog.


1.       Update Quality Content Frequently

Once you start a blog, you must make sure that you continue updating it. Do not update it once in a blue moon. This will cause you to lose out on readers. So make it a habit to write quality posts which are engaging enough and post them at regular frequency. It is best if you can write around two posts every week. With an active blog, you are bound to increase traffic by at least 30%.

2.       Research for the right Keywords

Just writing a post wouldn’t be enough. You need to write it keeping the right keywords in mind. For this, you need to research the keywords which are searched frequently by users and which are related to your blog as well. Once you know about these keyword and phrases, you must use them in the blog posts as well as in the titles. This will help your blog to have a good position in the SERPs.

3.       Build Backlinks

Backlinking is an important SEO strategy which you need to follow for your blog. You can build back links in many ways. Back links can come from any social media site like Twitter, Facebook etc., when you use your blog URL in that site. Apart from that, when you guest blog or when you comment on other’s blog, you can also build back links. You can also register and participate in forums or communities like StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. for backlinks.

4.       Meta Tags

Just like websites, Meta tags are equally vital for blogs. Use the right keywords and tags so that your blog has a good ranking in the search results. You can add a good description of your blog so that your readers know what the blog is all about and what they can get from it. Also important is the ‘about the author’ section. You must make it a point to fill it up properly.

Follow these quick SEO tips and above all try and create a good social media presence so that readers know about your blog and come to visit it, boosting up your blog traffic in the process.

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