6 Awesome Ways To Get Traffic To Your Ecommerce Blog

Do you have this problem? After you write blog posts, you wait for traffic, comments, discussion and not much else happens. No one seems to be caring, commenting or reading about what you have just posted. To fix this problem and build an audience for your blog, it will take more time than you may have even anticipated. Here are a few things you can do to increase your blog traffic.

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Post regularly Regularly posting blog articles is good for your traffic and visibility. Your audience will find you easily if you post regularly and having a current blog will convert them to become subscribers. Keep in mind that since you are posting on a regular basis, it is best that you write about subjects that you happen to be passionate about instead of just aiming to get traffic per se. Remember that your audience is smart and they can detect enthusiasm that comes through your post. Don’t skimp on this factor, as it is a really important selling point.

Post on forums Create an account in a forum in your niche and start participating in that community. First, make sure you follow the forum guidelines and rules. Next, participate and answer questions of fellow peers. Lastly, if the forum allows it, you can add a link to your blog in the signature. Keep in mind however that forums must not be spammed and make sure the stuff you do post are relevant to the topic at hand.

Comment on other blogs Find compatible blogs and comment on them. This will help develop a relationship with that blogger and they will return the favor by commenting on your site. Remember, blogs are communities. If someone comments on your blog, answer their comments in a new blog post or in the comment and it will help with reader engagement. In the end, your commentors and audience will return to you frequently.

Add your blog to search engines Do not forget to add your blog to search engines. Submit your blog to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In your submission, create a concise, good blog description and remember to include your target keywords.

Measure Include a site meter in your blog. This is one way you can see where and how you are getting the most attention. If a lot of traffic is generated by one or two posts in particular, then you need to publish more posts like that since it generates quite a response.

Keep Your Audience in Mind Before anything else, the number one surefire method of getting an audience is to have a very good idea of whom your audience is. What are their goals, daily challenges in life and demographics? Who are you really writing for? Once you have created a concrete definition of this, start publishing posts that will attract this audience. Doing a search on Google with the right keywords will help you find out which blogs your demographic happens to be following. After you have done a search, look for discussion threads and articles full of activity. Which of the topics are getting the most shares? These are the ones to pay attention to and from this you will have a better idea on how to write posts that attract your target demographic.

Start using these 6 methods now and in no time you will see the traffic of your blong increase. A bonus strategy not mentioned yet is make sure to publish quality content. If you are trying to attract your audience, give them something of value. Do not post low quality information and expect a great return.

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Emma Ursula is the ecommerce expert at OSI Affiliate Software. She helps online merchants setup affiliate programs. When Emma is not looking at code, she is outside enjoying the sun.

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