Why use HTML5 for App Development?

The full potential of HTML5 is yet to be realized, but it has already gained popularity in the past few years, especially in terms of mobile app development. While native apps might be helpful for some companies, at present, HTML5 is the technology of choice for majority of the companies. If you are into app development and wondering whether you need to use this coding language for developing your apps, you can check out this post. This will show you why this technology will play an important role in the future of app creation.

HTML5 for App Development

  • HTML5 functionalities evolving constantly

HTML5 is criticized for the lack of certain functionalities which are fulfilled by native applications, but it is constantly making changes and evolving at a fast pace. At this rate of growth, it may soon be evenly balanced with native technologies. This technology has immense potential and can do things which are not just restricted to basic functions.

  • Automatic Updates

HTML5 web apps do not require users to update it manually. It automatically updates itself, thereby easing out the process. It is similar to a website, where users only see the latest version. Users will use the latest version of the app if it’s created with HTML5. Not only the users, but also the app providers will be benefitted with this remote update. You, as an app provider don’t have to provide support for different versions of the app.

  • Compatibility across multiple platforms

HTML5 is compatible across different platforms and devices. You need to create one HTML5 app and that will work on various mobile operating systems, be it Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows. So, you can save money on developing the app as you don’t have to create different versions of the same app for each operating system, like that of native apps.

  • Hybrid apps can be developed with it

If you want to provide your apps the same look and feel as that of native apps, you can create hybrid apps. This can be done using HTML5. Hybrid apps are generally created, using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then given a native feel.

The use of this coding language for developing apps for emerging markets can be really beneficial. Such markets generally have multiple devices and as stated earlier the cross-device compatibility makes it a preferable choice. So, use of HTML5 for mobile app development is definitely going to help you out in many ways.

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