Best Free and Paid Android Apps for 2013

During the last one year a lot of apps for Android smartphones and tablets were published. In fact, Google Play or formerly Android Market is still growing in strength with the launching of more powerful Android smartphones and tablets like Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Asus Transformer Prime. We are now aware of the capabilities of Google-powered mobile platform. However, many are still confused with the give range of choice. In this article, we have rounded-up some of the best performing free and paid Android apps for 2013.

Google Keep (Free): A note-taking service, which is similar to Evernote, Google Keep is a sleek and clean interface for writing down your to-do as well as your shopping list. Better yet, it automatically transcribes voice notes, saves all your data in the cloud and turns notes into checklists. It is compatible with Android 4.0+ i.e. Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

Best Free and Paid Android Apps for 2013

Rosetta Course (Free): If you want to learn a foreign language of your choice, you can now do so right from your mobile. Rosetta Course is a great Android app where members can master pronunciation using speech recognition with progress synced across devices. You can even get a demo account before you sign up for the paid membership.

Sky Movies: Sky customers who are subscribed to the Movies package love this Android app. You can watch films from 11 channels with a compatible device, see trailers as well as cast lists of movies running at your local Cineplex and also access remote recording. It is free for Sky customers. Sky Movies is available for Android 2.2+ devices.

GoComics (Free): Good news for those who love Comic-strip! This Android app not only allows you to read even the back issues of Garfield, Charlie Brown and some of the best gags of the Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonists, but also to bookmark and share these comics through Facebook and Twitter. Besides, there is a blog updated with all the latest upcoming cartoonists.

Tripomatic City Guides & Maps (Free): It was previously just a web-based travel guide service that marked the major points of interest on the map of your chosen destination. And now Tripomatic City Guides & Maps has been optimized for Android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to grab detailed information and photos of a place even before you arrive.

Real Boxing ($3.50): This Android gaming app is powered by Unreal Engine 3 of Epic. One of the features of this app for Android is its slick HD visuals such as blood dripping the chin of your opponent. Besides, it comes with Tegra 3 exclusive, which serves up a 30-fight career to help you reach the top position. And there are several mini games you can play to horn your boxing skills. It is designed for Android 2.3 + devices.

FitNotes (Free): If you have just started hitting the gym, you are likely to face a lot of challenges. If so, FitNotes is the perfect Android app for you. It helps to build your customized training program. This Android app has a clean interface that allows you to add some custom categories as well as take a look at your training history, which help you to determine if you would need more weight sessions. It is compatible with Android 4.0+ devices i.e. Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich.


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