Top 5 Online Marketing Trends for 2014

Over the years, online marketing has changed drastically. The pattern of sharing information has changed, which in turn has caused a change in the marketing procedure. Inbound marketing has gained significance over outbound marketing. Trends have changed and for every business to flourish in 2014, it is essential that the latest trends are known to the marketers. Here is a look at the top five online marketing trends for the New Year.


  1. Variety in Social Media Marketing

Now, marketing campaigns should not be just limited to a few popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Every year, new social media sites are coming up and users flock to these sites. So, as a marketer, if you want to draw the attention of those users as well, you need to diversify your social media marketing campaign. Some sites like Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. are really popular now. So, you must create engaging content for each of these social media sites.

  1. More Importance to Content Marketing

Content was always important and now with the changes in search engine algorithms, it has become even more important. When you share informative content using different channels, you can gain the trust of the consumers. This will help build a good rapport for your company and in the process gain more customers. Videos, newsletters, case studies, etc. are some of the popular sources of sharing content. The better sharing of your content, more are the chances of reaching out to a large customer base.

  1. Simplicity will be valued more

There is so much of information everywhere that people may find it overwhelming to grasp. They are in search of simple messages which are informative as well. So, you can try to keep it as simple as possible. Google, Apple, etc. are some of the brands which promote simplicity. So, try and plan out a simple marketing strategy which provides the best experience to the users.

  1. Rule of image-centric content

Sites like Pinterest, Instagram are all image sharing sites. So, it is clear that in 2014, image centric content will be given the maximum importance. Content that you share should be easy to comprehend. This is possible when you use images to highlight your points. You can also create infographics, which are a popular way to share content in the form of images.

  1. Need for Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile users comprise a large part of your consumer base. If you don’t want to target these users, you are losing out on a massive chunk of consumers. Smartphones, tablets, etc. are used by majority of the consumers to browse the web. Shopping is also carried out by many. So, you must optimize content for the mobile users. They should be able to view the content easily using these devices.

Follow these top online marketing trends in the New Year and see your sales rise.

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