New Redesign for Google Alerts

Google is always on the lookout for making new changes, be it big or small. One such small change has been made in Google Alerts. If you have Google Alerts set in your mail, you have probably already seen the change. A new shiny redesign has been made for this service of Google. The changes that have been done are now more in line with Google’s general nature of aesthetics. The alerts that are available through emails now have the same look and feel which is seen in Google’s search results. A similar design is also seen on mobile apps of Google and its other products like Google Now.

Google Alerts Redesign

A Quick Look at the Changes

Apart from the card style layout, other changes that have taken place in Google Alerts are mentioned in here:

  • A neat title will show the type of Alert that you are getting.
  • Just below that you will see the ‘Daily update’ and date of the alerts.
  • The headlines that you can click on are larger and written in bold fonts.
  • Three new social buttons of Google+, Facebook and Twitter are available under each story. You can now directly share that post from your inbox.
  • “Flag as irrelevant” button is another new addition that is placed beside the social buttons.
  • The heading of each section of News, Blogs and Web are now written in capitals.
  • Apart from these additions, another change has been made by removing something. In the email of the old Alerts, there was a link to “See all stories on this topic.” This is no longer available in the new design.

The look is undoubtedly better than the previous one, but there is a problem with the Twitter sharing button. When you click on it, you will see broken headline in your tweet. The sharing breaks when it comes across the ampersand in the first headline.  If this problem is solved, the new design will be completely flawless.

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