Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

Another new year has started and with it, website owners and marketers should be equipped with the right knowledge to make it big this year. If you want to reach out to more consumers online with your products and services, you must know the right techniques of digital marketing. In this post, we have brought forward some widespread digital marketing mistakes that were made in 2013. If you want to become successful this year, you need to avoid these mistakes in 2014.


  • Not engaging with the users

This is the biggest mistake that must be avoided. When you are marketing in social media platforms, you should not be self-focused. Talking only about your business will not help, if you are not engaging with the users. User engagement is extremely necessary and you must focus on the customers and respond to their tweets, comments, etc.

  • Focusing on wrong metrics

If you are focusing on the number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers to count your success, you are committing a grave mistake. Do not focus on the wrong metrics. Your success will be measured if those followers or fans connect with you. Check if they are re-tweeting your tweets or commenting on your Facebook posts or sharing them.

  • Handling many social networks simultaneously

If you do not have the resource and yet handle too many social networks at the same time, you are following the wrong path. You won’t be able to utilize any channel effectively and in the process loose out valuable customers. Your focus should instead be on platforms that are frequently used by your target audience.

  • Lack of Internal communication

Don’t commit the mistake of not communicating with your members. You will be able to focus on your consumers only when you have a well maintained information sharing system within your office. Having separate departments like PR, sales and marketing is a good step but if they are not connected properly, you face the risk of failure. Every department should share information so that at the end of the day the right data is supplied to the consumers.

  • Not planning in advance

When you want to create a good digital presence, it is essential that you plan in advance. Not doing that is a mistake which should be avoided. Make a list of things which will draw your customers’ interest. Upcoming events, discounts on products, launch of new services, etc. are some of the things which your audience will be interested in. So plan them in advance and keep your users engaged.

So, avoid these digital marketing mistakes in 2014 and you will be able to engage with your users and achieve success.

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