Google Search Results now Show more Information About Websites

Another change has been made by Google in its search results. Users will now be able to get more information about any website before they visit it, right from the search results page. When you make any search and get many results, you might want to find the most suitable site from where you would like to know more about your query. This will be possible when you get added information about any site in the results page.

Google Search Results

How to see the information?

The additional information that is provided for any site will be available beside the link of that site. Beside the site’s link which is given in green, you will find the name of the site again. The name will appear in grey color. Click on the name to get extra info about the site, reading which, you can understand whether this is the right site for you or not. This will be available when you search from your desktop.

Only for notable sites

However, this info is now available only for notable sites. Sites which are recognized widely as prominent all across the web will have these extra data. Also websites which have enough info to show to the readers and whose content can be of help to them will be there with this added info.

Where does the info come from?

The info is obtained from the Knowledge Graph which is Google’s info-base. The Knowledge Graph is responsible for improving the search engine of Google with the use of semantic search data from numerous sources. Google hopes to provide more info for many more websites as the company expands the Knowledge Graph.

This can be of help for the users who want to go to the right site. However, one question arises that if a site is already popular, a reader wouldn’t need to know more about the site. Wouldn’t it be better to provide additional info about sites which are not so popular? What do you think? Let us know through your comments.

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