Get your Website Ready for Cyber Monday Traffic

Cyber Monday is almost knocking on your door and as an online retailer it is essential that your website is in the best of its health. It should be ready to face the surge in web traffic throughout the day. You must take every possible measure to improve the online performance of your site. After all, it is the means through which your sales are going to increase. If you haven’t yet taken any measures to boost your website performance, you must do so immediately. In this article, we have provided some ways which can be helpful for you. Even if your site is in a good condition, it is better to have a look at these points to see if you haven’t missed out anything.

Cyber Monday Traffic

  • Bandwidth

The bandwidth that your site needs must be planned carefully. You must not only have it planned for general situations when there is normal traffic, but also for instances when traffic will be really high. Try to get rid of high resolution images which tend to take unnecessary bandwidth. Avoid low quality videos as well. You can design your desktop and mobile apps in a different way, so that it does not take up much badwidth.

  • Application issues

Application issues are a common thing. It is not possible to code without having a single error. So, it is always a good practice to check the apps for any synchronization problems, wrong code or any other code which is stopping another function to work properly. Common issues which are faced due to incorrect coding include processing of only one order at a time instead of multiple ones. You may also get page errors if the code is incorrect. So, diligently check for any application issues and improve your site’s performance.

  • Load Balancing

Your site’s performance might face a setback if load issues occur. These issues generally occur when communication and processing actions are not evenly spread across the network. You must keep a track on the load balancers. Check the consumption of CPU and memory and also the transactions of SSL.

  • Database Performance

Monitor your database performance regularly. As more and more information of users are stored in the database, it tends to get slower, which in turn will affect your site. So, for all tables, you must refresh indexes. You should also check the codes which are associated with the database regularly. Evaluate SQL queries and observe memory usage along with the incoming and outgoing database connections, at regular time intervals.

  • Third Party services

If you rely on third party websites to provide additional information, you need to verify them properly. Common third party services include processing of credit cards, Google Analytics, social media widgets, etc. Make sure you check them properly, as they can diminish your site’s performance if they are not working accurately.

These are some of the ways through which you can improve your site’s performance and ensure a hassle free shopping experience for your customers.

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