Clean up Your Online Identity to Create a Good Impression

First impression is the last impression. This is true in real as well as virtual life. So, if you want to create a good impression for your brand, you must have a good online identity. Your digital footprint will show people everything about you when they search online. From your social profile information, to your images to every comment you make in a blog post, every factor will play an important role in determining your online reputation. If you do not want some online information to show to people, you should clean up your online identity and give it a good reputation. Here are some ways through which you can do so.


  1. Search yourself in Search Engines

Searching yourself in different search engines is really essential for cleaning up your image. You will find varied information which you have posted yourself or which your friends or acquaintances have shared about you. Make sure you search the images as well. If you find anything inappropriate, you should immediately take steps to get it removed. If you know the person, ask him/her to get it removed. However, if the content is on a third party site, which you do not know, request the site administrator or owner to remove it.

  1. Delete neglected Social Media Accounts

If you have any account in social media sites which you no longer use, make sure you delete them. A dormant account in MySpace or Bebo may also show up images which you would find embarrassing for your professional profile. So, delete these accounts so that they do not harm your brand.

  1. Go through your Personal Blog

Your personal blog reflects your personality. If you have posts which have inappropriate language or where you have vented out your frustrations, then you might be in a big trouble. Go through them and make necessary edits so that no content is there which can damage your online image. Just having a well written business blog will not save you from the online reputation damage.

  1. Post with Care

When you are posting anything in a social media site, you must be very careful. Do not post anything which might cause your client to form a negative opinion based on the post. Try to stay away from emotional and angry posts. LinkedIn profile should only be used for professional purpose. Do not add any personal posts in it. That puts you in a bad light. Share posts which are interesting and which will help you create a positive impression on your clients.

So, follow these ways and you can clean up your online identity to impress your clients and in turn grow your business.

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