Moving Beyond Content – 2

Content-MarketingIn the previous post we discussed the factors you need to focus on while creating content to market your business. Here, we will discuss some tips to market them effectively. And the first is to publish your best content only on your website. Many small businesses do the mistake of publishing some of their best content on the third-part social channels. Now social media is indeed important and they truly have great value in spreading out your business message. However, you need to remember the real purpose of these social channels is only to spread out your message and get all the attraction back to your own site. The real communication should happen on your site and the social media is just for initial mingling and chatting with the potential customers. Once your potential customers are on your site, the main focus should be on converting them into customers or at least get them subscribed into your email list. You should use social media aggressively for creating loyalty, but the main focus should remain on your own site for creating conversion.

Many believe that content marketing is just another tool for link building. Though it might have been the case in the yesteryears, these days content marketing is far beyond that. Moreover, links are now viewed as direct traffic that you are getting from the third party sites, rather than having any SEO benefits. This does not mean that backlinks no longer hold any value for SEO, but it is always better to get links that people click even from the SEO perspective. The key here is not to use content marketing as a tool to get link juice; rather use it as a tool to engage your potential customers as well as to build trust. Once you can do this, your search engine ranking will improve automatically.

Now that your content is ready it is time to market it. Start telling people about your content and here you don’t need to bother about the quality of writing as long as you are trying to help them with the information they are looking for and the content is fresh and original. Besides, you can even improve your now non-perfect writing if you just keep on practicing. The point here is to market your content, post them in your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile. Also, post them in Digg, Delicious and other bookmarking sites. Social media will serve as a great tool for this and you must take advantage of it.

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