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For every online marketer creating something viral is like attaining nirvana! In fact, it is the dream of every marketer to get their content viral and once there, no one can stop the content from being shared and liked by “N” numbers of Internet users. And we all know what happens next! You instantly become an Internet phenomenon and your website traffic shoots high. But here comes the catch! You must either be very lucky or be able to create a content that is catchy enough to get viral in the world of web. Unfortunately, for business content the scope is quite narrow not only because it takes a lot of knowledge and understanding to create something that will impress the hardcore business, but also because many marketers are yet to discover the tricks to take their creation on a viral spree.

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This is where you need to understand the concept and basic rules of viral content marketing. Now many of the Internet marketers mush have heard about viral co-efficiency, but how do you define it? Viral coefficient is the number of users generated by a single online user sharing your online content. The higher you achieve viral coefficient for your content, the more successful you are going to be. Thus, this is one of the most important factors of viral content marketing. The next is viral cycle time, which represents the time required for your content to go viral. In general, the viral cycle time of content is within a day or two of its publishing. The final component of viral content marketing is knowing the total available market i.e. the number of users who are likely to find your online content shareable. The value is likely to be higher with generic content while niche content has a narrow value.

This is the basic of viral content marketing and now the question arises is how to get the content go viral! Here, you need to understand the readers’ mind. You must understand that users will only share content when they are emotionally connected with your subject and the material you are offering. And the connection must be strong enough to motivate them to share with the other users. And here you competitor is everyone and not just with other players of your domain as every marketer is trying to vie the attention of the online users. Thus, you must offer something different, unique, eye-catching, or something that connects with your users at some level in order to go viral.

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