Flickr Unveils its Redesigned Android and iOS Apps

flickr mobile apps

Flickr has undergone quite some changes in its look and functionalities. On Thursday, the completely redesigned app for its Android and iOS devices was unveiled by Flickr. The restyled apps now include a faster navigation, an add support for high definition videos as well as a more simplified design. The changes that have been made […]

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‘Google Now’ now Available for Google Chrome

Google Now for Google Chrome

Google Now has been recently rolled out to desktop versions of Google Chrome. This means that users of the iOS and Android apps of Google Now will be able to see the related notifications from their desktops, while they are using Chrome. With Google Now, you will be able to get the right information just […]

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Old Google Maps Finally Makes Way for the New One


The old Google Maps for PC was updated at Google’s “I/O” developer conference last year around May and the new version was introduced. Since then, the new version of the desktop Maps has been in “preview” mode. Until now, users could shuffle between the two versions- the classic and the new one, as per their […]

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Is Google Voice the Future User Interface?

Google Voice

Well, it seems that Google believes that voice will be the future interface for users. The combination of advanced features in smartphones and Google’s voice search feature has made it possible for users to get answers easily and quickly. More and more users are now opting for voice search. Leading phones like Nexus 5 and […]

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How will Google Glass Change Search & How will Marketers Deal with It?

Google Glass and Search

Google Glass hasn’t yet made its way to the general public, but it has been officially announced by Google that this wearable device will be available to all by the end of this year. Already there are a lot of Explorers trying out this new device. After its launch, the number of Glass users will […]

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Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher Coming Soon for Android

Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher

Mozilla has announced that it will soon bring Firefox launcher to Android. The declaration has been made on Wednesday at the InContext conference which is being held at San Francisco. Mozilla has teamed up with EverythingMe, an Israel based company to release this Android launcher. The company has taken its Android launcher out of beta […]

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OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive in Microsoft

Microsoft OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive

SkyDrive will soon be replaced by OneDrive in Microsoft. The cloud file storage service of Microsoft, which was launched in 2007, will be renamed as OneDrive. All the products of SkyDrive will be transferred to in due course. This rechristening of the service is a result of a legal dispute between Microsoft and UK […]

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Google Search Results now Show more Information About Websites

Google Search Results

Another change has been made by Google in its search results. Users will now be able to get more information about any website before they visit it, right from the search results page. When you make any search and get many results, you might want to find the most suitable site from where you would […]

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New Version of Google Chrome Launched with Added Features

Google Chrome

The latest version of Google Chrome, version 32 has been launched. The beta version was available to users from November 2013. The stable version has finally launched and it includes many added features which will make browsing for users a smooth process. Starting from malware blocking to tab indicators, these features are really useful. Let […]

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Now Send Emails to Google+ Users without their Gmail Address

Google is making it possible for Google+ users to email

Google+ has made yet another update which is also going to have an effect on Gmail. The update in this social network will now allow Google+ users to send as well as receive emails from one another. Prior to this update, emails could only be sent to users who shared their Gmail address. But now, […]

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