Social Media

Twitter Experiments with New ‘Fave People’ Feature


If you are following numerous accounts on Twitter, you have a notion how tough it can be to read all the tweets that you are really interested in, in the hordes of other tweets. But soon, you might be able to overcome this problem as Twitter is experimenting with a new feature named ‘Fave People’. […]

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Pinterest Places- A Wonderful Way to Promote your Business

Pinterest Places

Pinterest place pins which were introduced in November last year can be a great tool for promoting your business. If you already use Pinterest for business promotion, you might know how to create a Pinterest Places board. If you don’t then you need to first know how to create the board and you can use […]

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Facebook Pages To Get a New Look

How to Create the Right Type of Content for Twitter?

Content for Twitter

You create content in your website, for sharing it among your friends and followers in social media, which in turn will help in your branding as well as get you good traffic. But, the right type of content should be used if you want it to be shared. You must know what type of content […]

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All New Way to Create Great Content with Klout

Klout Content

Klout has released its all new version with which users can create great content which can be shared by their friends and followers in different social media sites. With increased content sharing, the Klout score of the users will also increase considerably. Even if you do not want to increase your Klout score, you can […]

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Mobile will be Ruled by Social Media in the Future

What to Expect from Facebook in the Next 10 Years?


It’s been a decade of Facebook, and the way people are still flocking this site, it can be easily hoped that its growth will continue in the coming years. Though, we have seen that big players of the past like Netscape, Alta Vista are now gone, we can hope that Facebook will not walk in […]

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Write a LinkedIn Recommendation in 5 Easy Ways

LinkedIn Recommendation

How many times have you ignored a request for recommendation in LinkedIn? Your intention might not be bad, and you might have skipped the request due to lack of proper content. It is a common problem that is faced by many while writing a recommendation. Which skills to mention, what to write, how long should […]

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Now Send Photos through Twitter Direct Messages


Mobile users are increasing by the day and new apps are developing to maximize the user experience. Twitter has also been making updates in its mobile apps, so that users can stay connected easily. The latest addition makes it possible for users to send photos through direct messages. Apart from this new addition, some other […]

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How to Create a Valuable Facebook Post?

Facebook Post

If you really want to reach out to your users, you must create a valuable Facebook post. With thousands of posts being shared in Facebook in a minute, it is essential that you have a well-crafted post so that users find it interesting enough and check it out.  The placement of the post in users’ […]

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