Video Campaigns Report Rolling out in Google Analytics


Google is making yet another change in Google Analytics which will be of help for the advertisers. The company is presenting a new report in Google Analytics which will help advertisers get more insights into the performance of the ads they place in YouTube TrueView and which are managed through the campaigns of AdWords for […]

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Are your Measuring ROI for Your SEO Campaigns?


Are you investing in search engine optimization (SEO) for your company website? Do you measure the return on investment (ROI) for your SEO efforts? If not, you should immediately start doing so. The information that you get from Google Analytics will give you an idea about the patterns in traffic, supportable traffic, increase in links […]

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Improve your SEO with Top 3 Plugins for your WordPress Site

WordPress Plugins for SEO

Today more than seventy two million websites are using WordPress platform. The stats are enough to show that this is no longer just any other blogging platform. It has turned out to be the most flexible and easy-to-use CMS platform for business owners. The numerous themes, tools and plugins that are available for this platform […]

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3 Key Elements for a Successful SEO Campaign in 2014


2013 changed the way in which we used to carry out SEO. Algorithmic updates of Google like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and non-availability of the keyword tool brought about many changes in the SEO techniques. Common SEO practices which dominated the web space have now slowly started to change. However, there are still some strategies which […]

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Guest Blogging for SEO- Is it Nearing its Death?

Guest Blogging for SEO

A time was there when guest blogging was one of the best practices in terms of SEO. But now, after Matt Cutts has declared guest blogging to be more of a spammy practice, can we say that this practice is nearing its death? SEO techniques have seen similar effect since a long time. Techniques which […]

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Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for your SEO

Google Chrome Extensions for your SEO

2013 has drastically changed the way in which search engine optimization is carried out. Search engine optimizers, marketers as well as bloggers now have to follow the correct procedure in order to keep their rankings intact in the search results. New techniques have cropped up which the marketers have to follow diligently. However, the use […]

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SEO is Not Dead- It has changed for Good in 2013

SEO algorithmic update by Google

2013 was the year when many algorithmic changes were made in Google. This caused many people to come to the conclusion that SEO is dead. But in reality it is not. It has just changed for good in 2013. The importance on content started from a long time. However, the official stamp came in the […]

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Paid Search Future Gives Equal Importance to Keywords and Target Audience


If you manage any website, you are probably following different methods of site promotion. If paid search is one of those followed methods, you must know how to create your advertisements properly. This will ensure that they get clicked by your target audience. Keywords play an important role in paid search. However, if you want […]

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3 Substitutes to Deal with Absence of Google’s Organic Keyword Data


Google’s decision on encryption of all organic searches has dealt a huge blow to site owners. If you have many sites to manage, you might be already getting the jitters.  This change implies that the ‘not provided’ percentage of organic keywords in Google Analytics data, will now be 100 percent. Even in this situation, you […]

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Lost in Google, Gained from Bing

Bing-Search-engine- optimization

Are you wondering what you have lost in Google rankings and gained from Bing? The answer is keywords. In the recent past, with introduction of secure search, Google had stopped providing keyword data to site owners. If you have a website to manage, you are definitely trying to find out other ways to know about […]

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