Digital Marketing

Top 5 Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting visitors to your site is not enough. It is essential that you get the best results from all those traffic. If your visitors perform some action after coming to your website, like buying your product, downloading your app, signing up for newsletter or even registering in your site, you can consider them to be […]

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Google Search Results now Show more Information About Websites

Google Search Results

Another change has been made by Google in its search results. Users will now be able to get more information about any website before they visit it, right from the search results page. When you make any search and get many results, you might want to find the most suitable site from where you would […]

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New Redesign for Google Alerts

Google Alerts Redesign

Google is always on the lookout for making new changes, be it big or small. One such small change has been made in Google Alerts. If you have Google Alerts set in your mail, you have probably already seen the change. A new shiny redesign has been made for this service of Google. The changes […]

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Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2014


Another new year has started and with it, website owners and marketers should be equipped with the right knowledge to make it big this year. If you want to reach out to more consumers online with your products and services, you must know the right techniques of digital marketing. In this post, we have brought […]

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Top 5 Online Marketing Trends for 2014


Over the years, online marketing has changed drastically. The pattern of sharing information has changed, which in turn has caused a change in the marketing procedure. Inbound marketing has gained significance over outbound marketing. Trends have changed and for every business to flourish in 2014, it is essential that the latest trends are known to […]

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Clean up Your Online Identity to Create a Good Impression


First impression is the last impression. This is true in real as well as virtual life. So, if you want to create a good impression for your brand, you must have a good online identity. Your digital footprint will show people everything about you when they search online. From your social profile information, to your […]

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Increased Email Unsubscribe Rate? Follow these Tips!

Tips to improve Email subscription

Is your email unsubscribe rate increasing by the day? A normal unsubscribe rate should be around 3 percent for a time period of thirty days. Do most of your consumers unsubscribe within 30 days of subscribing? If so, you should take steps through which you can decrease this rate. It is essential that you market […]

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Get your Website Ready for Cyber Monday Traffic

Cyber Monday Traffic

Cyber Monday is almost knocking on your door and as an online retailer it is essential that your website is in the best of its health. It should be ready to face the surge in web traffic throughout the day. You must take every possible measure to improve the online performance of your site. After […]

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3 Ways to Improve your Mobile Marketing Plan

mobile marketing strategies

You wouldn’t like to miss out on customers coming from any source, in this holiday shopping season, be it from smartphones, desktop or anything else. Having a site which is compatible only for desktops is a big no-no. Your website must be optimized in a way so that it works equally for all screen sizes. […]

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Lost in Google, Gained from Bing

Bing-Search-engine- optimization

Are you wondering what you have lost in Google rankings and gained from Bing? The answer is keywords. In the recent past, with introduction of secure search, Google had stopped providing keyword data to site owners. If you have a website to manage, you are definitely trying to find out other ways to know about […]

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