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If you own a small or local business chances are you have some form of online presence. This can range from a single webpage listed on a local area website to a full and developed website detailing your company and the services they offer. Regardless of the size of your online profile, it is important that you understand how much influence search engines such as Google,   Yahoo and Bing can hold when it comes to directing new customers to your business. When a potential customer searches for a company offering a particular service they are presented with a list of such companies within a specific area.   The positioning of the companies on the list is determined by the amount of web traffic they receive, and the business with the most traffic will be at the top of the list. As a result it is extremely necessary for you to ensure that your company is a high up the list as possible, if not at the very top. There are a number of ways to do this, but the best results can be achieve by using local SEO tools.

Online Presence

SEO Tools

An increase in web traffic can be achieved by pursing either organic or inorganic methods. Inorganic methods refer to advertising plans like pay-per-click, whereas the organic methods utilise local search engine marketing tactics like site content reinvigoration.   It is much more beneficial to your online presence to use the organic methods as this will ensure that your website or webpage is relevant and appropriate for the services you offer.   Organic methods first identify where you stand in search engine ranking and then work out ways to increase this ranking through backlinking and citations.   These are known as local SEO tools, and are called such as they work specifically to improve your local online presence. There are many different types of local SEO tools you can choose to use, and some time should be spend researching and reading up about whats on offer.   I would also advise you to read independent reviews of both the software you are considering to buy and the company that manufactures it.

Beneficial SEO Tools

The first thing I would advise you to buy is a local search rank checker, and this tool will identify your ranking on the aforementioned search engines. You can find out your weekly ranking and use this information to locate what is working for your site and what isn’t.

Another beneficial tool I advise you to acquire is a local SEO check-up. This piece of software searches the internet for directories and other websites your business has been mentioned on. You will also be able to see what has been said about your company, and if relevant and up to date contact information has been provided.

Local search engine marketing will improve and increase your web traffic, and as a result will help potential customers find your business.

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James Murphy is a technology blogger with a strong interest in the rising influence search engines have on local businesses. James enjoys spending his free time cycling and swimming.

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