3 Ways to Improve your Mobile Marketing Plan

You wouldn’t like to miss out on customers coming from any source, in this holiday shopping season, be it from smartphones, desktop or anything else. Having a site which is compatible only for desktops is a big no-no. Your website must be optimized in a way so that it works equally for all screen sizes. People are now always on the go and you will probably find most of your customers using smartphones for their shopping. They don’t have the patience to zoom in every link or fill up forms. If you want to keep them hooked to your site and make that purchase, it is necessary, you improve your mobile marketing plan. Here we have provided some ways to improve your marketing strategy.

mobile marketing strategies

Opt for responsive design

At a time when there are numerous options and screen sizes, it is practically not possible to have separate designs for each type of devices. If you do not want your developer to go mad developing sites for every screen size, you must opt for responsive design. This has been the buzzword all through 2013. Responsive design is THE solution, if you do not want to enter the unnerving world of developing an app for every device. Depending on the type of business you are in, you need to go responsive. If you are more into m-commerce and your site has numerous videos, products, etc. it is best if you go for responsive design.

Bringing alterations in advertising emails for mobile

If you know your customers behavior for mobile devices, you can plan out your advertisements accordingly. You have to remove any unnecessary content so that when your users come to the site, they only find content which is of their interest. Your email marketing plans will also depend on the mobile traffic that you get for your site. The email newsletters which you send to users for promoting your brand should be well optimized for mobiles. It shouldn’t be such that your emails cannot be opened in mobile devices and your users unsubscribe from them.

Mobile data isn’t what it seems

If you go through mobile metrics, you cannot say that what you see is actually true. As a business owner and marketer, you must know that the analytics that you see for your mobile devices must be understood in a broader sense. Say, bounce rate for your site is high in case of mobile devices. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your users are going away from your site. They might come back to your site using their desktops when they have the time. Similarly, low conversion rate doesn’t mean that you have lost a customer. In fact that user may directly come to your store to make the required purchase. Prospective clients might be using their mobiles to come to your site and get preliminary information. So, keep your site well optimized for mobile devices, so that in the long run you can turn leads into customers.

Check out your mobile traffic, devise a mobile marketing strategy accordingly and see the surge in your sales.

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