Are your Measuring ROI for Your SEO Campaigns?


Are you investing in search engine optimization (SEO) for your company website? Do you measure the return on investment (ROI) for your SEO efforts? If not, you should immediately start doing so. The information that you get from Google Analytics will give you an idea about the patterns in traffic, supportable traffic, increase in links […]

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Top 5 Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting visitors to your site is not enough. It is essential that you get the best results from all those traffic. If your visitors perform some action after coming to your website, like buying your product, downloading your app, signing up for newsletter or even registering in your site, you can consider them to be […]

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Old Google Maps Finally Makes Way for the New One


The old Google Maps for PC was updated at Google’s “I/O” developer conference last year around May and the new version was introduced. Since then, the new version of the desktop Maps has been in “preview” mode. Until now, users could shuffle between the two versions- the classic and the new one, as per their […]

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All New Way to Create Great Content with Klout

Klout Content

Klout has released its all new version with which users can create great content which can be shared by their friends and followers in different social media sites. With increased content sharing, the Klout score of the users will also increase considerably. Even if you do not want to increase your Klout score, you can […]

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Is Google Voice the Future User Interface?

Google Voice

Well, it seems that Google believes that voice will be the future interface for users. The combination of advanced features in smartphones and Google’s voice search feature has made it possible for users to get answers easily and quickly. More and more users are now opting for voice search. Leading phones like Nexus 5 and […]

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Mobile will be Ruled by Social Media in the Future

How will Google Glass Change Search & How will Marketers Deal with It?

Google Glass and Search

Google Glass hasn’t yet made its way to the general public, but it has been officially announced by Google that this wearable device will be available to all by the end of this year. Already there are a lot of Explorers trying out this new device. After its launch, the number of Glass users will […]

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Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher Coming Soon for Android

Mozilla’s Firefox Launcher

Mozilla has announced that it will soon bring Firefox launcher to Android. The declaration has been made on Wednesday at the InContext conference which is being held at San Francisco. Mozilla has teamed up with EverythingMe, an Israel based company to release this Android launcher. The company has taken its Android launcher out of beta […]

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What to Expect from Facebook in the Next 10 Years?


It’s been a decade of Facebook, and the way people are still flocking this site, it can be easily hoped that its growth will continue in the coming years. Though, we have seen that big players of the past like Netscape, Alta Vista are now gone, we can hope that Facebook will not walk in […]

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Improve your SEO with Top 3 Plugins for your WordPress Site

WordPress Plugins for SEO

Today more than seventy two million websites are using WordPress platform. The stats are enough to show that this is no longer just any other blogging platform. It has turned out to be the most flexible and easy-to-use CMS platform for business owners. The numerous themes, tools and plugins that are available for this platform […]

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