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YouTube’s New Commenting System- Was it Necessary At All?

YouTube’s New Commenting System

Google has already drawn flak from loyal YouTube users ever since it rolled out a new commenting system for YouTube.  The reason for this backlash is due to two reasons. One, users have to use their real name while making comments and second, users have to use Google + and sync these two sites together. […]

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Another Attempt to Retain Users – Facebook Modifies its News Feed

Facebook News Feed

Facebook is trying to make alterations in its existing features in an attempt to retain the users who are moving to other social networks. The tweaks that have been made are not so significant, but if you follow your News Feed diligently, you will probably love these changes. The News Feed algorithm has been updated […]

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Increased Email Unsubscribe Rate? Follow these Tips!

Tips to improve Email subscription

Is your email unsubscribe rate increasing by the day? A normal unsubscribe rate should be around 3 percent for a time period of thirty days. Do most of your consumers unsubscribe within 30 days of subscribing? If so, you should take steps through which you can decrease this rate. It is essential that you market […]

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Black Friday Online Shopping Hits a Record High

Black Friday Online Shopping

Finally the wait is over. The results are out for everyone to see. Several speculations were made regarding the sales record prior to Black Friday. There were many who were vehemently against shopping on this day. However, the results have proved that there are a lot more people who have done their holiday shopping on […]

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Get your Website Ready for Cyber Monday Traffic

Cyber Monday Traffic

Cyber Monday is almost knocking on your door and as an online retailer it is essential that your website is in the best of its health. It should be ready to face the surge in web traffic throughout the day. You must take every possible measure to improve the online performance of your site. After […]

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3 Ways to Improve your Mobile Marketing Plan

mobile marketing strategies

You wouldn’t like to miss out on customers coming from any source, in this holiday shopping season, be it from smartphones, desktop or anything else. Having a site which is compatible only for desktops is a big no-no. Your website must be optimized in a way so that it works equally for all screen sizes. […]

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Black Friday Hatred Reduced in Twitter This Year

Black Friday Hatred Reduced in Twitter This Year

Black Friday is that time of the year for which many people wait eagerly. The biggest shopping day of the year gives you the thrills with all the jostling, crowd rush and noise of the mall. However, you will still find many who are dead-against this day. In fact, there is Buy Nothing Day which […]

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Save Links, Read Later- Coming Soon in Facebook


If you have a huge friend list which consists of like minded individuals, you will find many interesting reads in your news feed. However, you might not be able to read them all due to lack of time. Facebook has been ideally described by Mark Zuckerberg as a personalized newspaper. You might not get completely […]

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Top 5 Tricks to Boost Your Sales on Cyber Monday


Retailers are always looking for ways to boost their sales. Cyber Monday provides them with the right opportunity to do so. If you are a retailer, you might be already aware of the importance of this day. Though the work pressure is enormous, yet the huge revenue that you garner at the end of the […]

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LinkedIn Showcase Pages- All You Need to Know


Social media sites are always making one addition or the other to their existing features to increase the user experience. LinkedIn is the latest social site to make such an addition. Last week, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages for their members. This feature is somewhat an extension of the existing LinkedIn Company Pages. The introduction of […]

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