Being Happy and Productive at Work

Being Happy and Productive at WorkWe have seen a new trend when it comes to productivity, in the past few years. Though United States saw an increase in productivity due to downwards wage pressure, United Kingdom experienced more employment but less output. Many believe that productivity is usually related to the efficiency of the employee and his/ her pay package. Unfortunately, it is far from reality. It is a combination of various factors like skills, innovation, investment, competition, enterprise, and most importantly the employees’ happiness. It has been observed that most productive employees are the happiest at work. An unhappy or insecure employee is likely to withhold their productivity at work. Besides, you are likely to be less productive when you need to balance the psychological bond between you and your boss or employer.

Employees who are happy at work are twice as productive; more energized, stay longer in their jobs, take fewer sick leaves and are more committed to work. In addition, they are more motivated, more than ready to help their least happy colleagues, achieve their goals, speak about issues affecting performance, effectively tackle tough times and stuff, turn ideas into actions, and demonstrate a more positive effect in the workplace.

The following are some tips to remain happy at work and increase individual productivity.

Short-Term Motivation: The first tip is to stay resilient and motivated for maintaining your productivity levels. Reduced motivation will minimize your performance and output. Employees are likely to have issues, either personal or professional. To encourage motivation, organizations must help employees to deal with their own issues as well as take responsibility. Help your people to identify their skills, strengths and expertise levels and encourage them to prioritize what they need to do, help them to work on things what they are good at, and finally to help them build efficiencies.

Self-Belief & Effort: This is something you need to work upon. Without confidence or self-belief you cannot take risks or make decisions. It is the gateway to productivity and without confident individuals, organizations cannot grow. You effort is of course most important factor to be happy and productive at work. For this, you need to have clear goals, well-articulated and precise objectives, ability to raise issues and involve others to you solve them as well. Constructive feedback is also important here for boosting productivity.

Long-Term Engagement: This is about the commitment you have with your organization. When you are doing a work that is energy draining, you are less likely to fulfill the task effectively without having the belief that what you are doing is indeed worthwhile. Strategic direction is essential and you need to believe in the way your employer is pursuing. You need to believe in the corporate strategy of the leadership and for that regular and convincing communication is required.

Most importantly, you need to be happy within. Forget worries, believe in yourself, believe that you are good and worthwhile and your contribution to the organization matters.

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