Be a Good Listener to Your Team

 Good Listener to Your TeamTo become a good leader a crucial talent that one can have is being a good listener. It’s common for some individuals to abuse the power they get when they become a leader, those who do misuse this privilege by giving orders rather than listening to a situation end up becoming a bad leader. Those who know the importance of listening in order to communicate better, usually goes on to lead by example and become very efficient in their leadership.

It is very hard to learn anything while giving a presentation or speech to the team or superiors, the best way to learn is to observe and listen to others. Being a leader is all about building relationships with your team, one of the most essential but undervalued component in a relationship is efficient communication. Unless everyone involved practices the art of effective listening, communication cannot occur efficiently. A few practices to become effective listeners are:

  • Be attentive towards the speaker. When someone is giving a speech or a presentation, concentrate and give them your full attention, they will open up fully when they realize that you are concentrating on what they are presenting. Also display a friendly attitude and body language by not switching off in the middle it can demoralize the speaker who is seeking your concentration and attention.

  • Before replying, pause. If you pause before replying, you avoid the risk of interrupting the speaker or presenter if they are reformulating their thoughts. It enables you to judge the body language and the presentation better and formulate a proper response with greater sensitivity and awareness.

  • Avoiding distractions. People are more comfortable sharing if they are not interrupted. Avoiding distractions such as looking at your watch or the noise from a cell phone or not concentrating at the presenter, etc. can help the speaker with the presentation enabling you to listen properly.

  • Ask questions or seek clarification. When you seek clarity and ask questions, you demonstrate that you really care about what the speaker is presenting, and it shows that you genuinely want to learn or understand how he or she thinks and feels. For team leaders when they build the trust among the team members and when somebody feels that the team leader genuinely cares for him or her they can confide in the team leader and clear out some issues or fix problems.

  • Avoid being overcritical and judgmental. Be open to new perspective, ideas and strategies, a judgmental attitude never works and demoralizes the ones with the innovative ideas. Don’t avoid or discount what the other person is trying to say simply because it can be contrary to your beliefs. Be more open to innovative ideas as there is always more than 1 way of achieving any goal.

As a leader, you always need to be listening to superiors, investors, advisors, customers, and to your team members. When you do talk or give a speech or seek to deal with a problem, concentrate on making it effective. Responsible and efficient listening is a rare trait and a boon that will give you a sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors and your peers. It is a trait that can be developed over time with practice.


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