How to Create an Engaging “About” Page for Your Website

Your ‘About’ page is one of the most viewed pages in your website. Visitors will want to know how your services can be beneficial for them, from this page. Hence, it is really important that this page speaks for you. How do you know whether your page sucks? For once, place yourself in the shoes of your website visitors and check out your ‘About’ page. Does it really have something to make the readers interested? Do you feel bored, ignored or impatient after going through it? If your answer is yes, it’s high time to replace this useless page with something which can really pique readers’ interest.

About" Page for Your Website

 Things to Avoid

  • Simply blabbering about yourself and your services without mentioning how visitors can get benefit from them.

  • Using third person in the whole site instead of communicating directly.

How to Make your ‘About’ Page Interesting?

When you have to replace your present ‘About’ page, you must know how to make it more interesting. Here we have provided some steps which you can follow and make the fullest use of this valuable space.

  • Get Real with Pictures

Instead of just putting up general images, get real by putting your photo in the ‘About’ page. You can also add photos of your key team members. This will add credibility to your page and your visitors can relate to you easily. By reading your page and seeing your image, they will feel as if they are actually conversing with you. This in turn, will have a positive effect on your business.

But make sure, your photo goes with the theme of your brand’s website. If your brand is traditional, put up a picture wearing formals. If your brand is modern, you can put up a picture in casuals.

  • Tell a Story

Instead of putting some facts which will simply bore your users to death, draw their attention through a story.  Your story should show your users how you can meet their requirements. It should start with their problem that needs to be solved and end with solutions about how your business can exactly help to overcome their problem and how it can turn out to be profitable for them. This will keep your visitors engaged and they will love it more than your dull facts.

  • Provide them Proof

It will be much better if you provide your visitors with social proof rather than telling yourself that your business is great. People will rely more on what others say about your business. If they see that people love doing business with you, they will obviously be more interested to contact you.

Among social proof, you can put testimonials, endorsements from other industry leaders and statistics about your community and followers, like number of blog subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc.

While you are at it, provide a nice opt-in or sign-up form with which people can stay in touch with you. With such an awesome ‘About’ page, you are bound to get more subscribers. Address the readers’ concerns and you can connect with them easily.

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