Now Send Emails to Google+ Users without their Gmail Address

Google+ has made yet another update which is also going to have an effect on Gmail. The update in this social network will now allow Google+ users to send as well as receive emails from one another. Prior to this update, emails could only be sent to users who shared their Gmail address. But now, people do not need to share their email address. They will automatically be available to other Google+ users. This step has been taken by Google in the hope of expanding your digital address book. It will roll out in the next few days.

Google is making it possible for Google+ users to email

What’s the new setting?

If you are a Google+ user, with this new setting, you will be able to select whether you would like to get emails from people who are either in your immediate circles, extended circles or is just any random Google+ user. However, you might also decline this feature, if you do not want to share your email ID with others. But if you do, the messages will appear in your inbox along with a note that it was received “via your Google+ profile”.

Boon or Bane

While many users might find this update helpful, others are not welcoming this step. They are finding this feature to be a breach in their privacy.

The new feature will let users to send more professional messages instead of the instant messages which they would be able to send through hangouts. The professional email settings which the Google+ users will get is seen as an advantage for many. When the users send emails, their Google profile info will be automatically included in it.

On the other hand, many users would not like to receive or send emails to Google+ users who are not in their immediate circles. However, if you accept to receive emails through Google+, you are not making your email address public. If you reply to that mail, only then your address will become known to the sender. If you are sending a mail to any Google+ user, you will see images of probable recipients alongside the name in the “To” box.

When any user, who is not in your circle, sends you a mail, that message will appear in your secondary folder, i.e. Gmail’s ‘social’ folder, instead of the primary folder.

Change your settings

If you do not want to receive mails from unknown Google+ users, you can make proper specifications when Google will send you an alert mail with the details of changing the settings. Follow the steps and you can keep your mail ID private just as it was before the update.

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