OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive in Microsoft

SkyDrive will soon be replaced by OneDrive in Microsoft. The cloud file storage service of Microsoft, which was launched in 2007, will be renamed as OneDrive. All the products of SkyDrive will be transferred to in due course. This rechristening of the service is a result of a legal dispute between Microsoft and UK based company, Sky Broadcasting, after which Microsoft decided to rebrand SkyDrive. Users of SkyDrive will soon be using OneDrive and get the same storage services.

Microsoft OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive

OneDrive- the renamed cloud service

OneDrive reflects its purpose to reorganize its cloud service as “one place for all your documents”. Microsoft is prompting its consumers to use SkyDrive by providing 200 GB of storage absolutely free for two years to any customer who purchases a Surface tablet. Not only that, the company has also made SkyDrive the default place for storing documents in apps like Excel and Word in Windows 8.1.

The working function of OneDrive will be the same as SkyDrive. Those who are already using SkyDrive won’t even be able to understand any changes, except the name. The professional version of this cloud service, SkyDrive Pro will also be renamed to OneDrive for Business. Even users of the professional version will also be receiving the same services without any change.

According to Microsoft’s general manager of consumer apps and services, Ryan Gavin, it is their belief that the new name OneDrive expresses the value that they can provide their consumers and represents their future vision in the best possible way.

Windows 8.1 & SkyDrive

New features have been added to SkyDrive in Windows 8.1. As mentioned earlier, users will get 200 GB free space for storage after buying Surface tablet. Other features help users to shift from local file saving to storing in the cloud. The transition process is eased out in Windows 8.1. Placeholder files are kept in the local drive with SkyDrive and users can view thumbnail previews and treat them as local files, till they are opened. Office documents which were saved in the cloud in Windows 8 had some lags. This was improved in Windows 8.1.


OneDrive will be available to the consumers soon, but the exact time is not known. As of now, every product of SkyDrive has the same name and domain. The domain is also active still now. will show you a preview site where you can sign up with your email and know when the site will open.

So, it’s a matter of time till Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive is replaced by OneDrive.

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