How will Google Glass Change Search & How will Marketers Deal with It?

Google Glass hasn’t yet made its way to the general public, but it has been officially announced by Google that this wearable device will be available to all by the end of this year. Already there are a lot of Explorers trying out this new device. After its launch, the number of Glass users will definitely rise and with it, a change will come in the way people search. If you are a marketer, you have already started wondering how Google Glass is going to change search and what you should do about it. Check out a few changes that will occur in the nature of search after Glass makes its debut to one and all.

Google Glass and Search

  1. Top 10 Results won’t be there

When you use Glass and search for something, you won’t get top 10 links in the results page. It is going to use info cards where each card will be shown one at a time. So, the website occupying the first position will be viewable to the users first. In order to go to the second result, i.e. the next card, they have to swipe forward with their hand which is really inconvenient than using a mouse. So, most users will never go to the third or fourth card.

If you want your site traffic to be good, try to rank in the first position. If required, opt for getting the first position with less popular searches, instead of ranking lower for popular searches. Change your strategy with the adoption trends of the Glass.

  1. Translations

Google Glass can translate spoken words from one language to another very easily. So, Google won’t find it hard to translate a search query to several languages and then providing the best result, irrespective of the country of origin. What this implies is that there won’t be any requirement for different domains for Google based on the country.

If this happens, as a marketer, you will not have to compete against top sites of your country to get the first spot. It will become even more difficult as you have to compete against other global sites holding the first spot in their search rankings. So, you should be ready to compete globally.

  1. App Store Optimization

With time, there will be many apps for Glass. If you have an app compatible with Google Glass, and want people to download it from the Glass app store in the future, you must invest in app store optimization. You must know how to optimize your apps for this store. Find out new ways through which users might engage with your content.

Augmented reality, live video broadcasts, or other interactive form of content will be popular for Google Glass. So, if you want to engage your users, you can try including these types of content in your strategy.

So, prepare yourself for the changes that are going to come with the official launch of Google Glass.

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