New Version of Google Chrome Launched with Added Features

The latest version of Google Chrome, version 32 has been launched. The beta version was available to users from November 2013. The stable version has finally launched and it includes many added features which will make browsing for users a smooth process. Starting from malware blocking to tab indicators, these features are really useful. Let us have a look at the new features of the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome

  • Tracking down of noisy tabs

Tab indicators are now available which will help users to track down noisy tabs. These indicators will help you to know when a sound starts playing in any website you access, or when a site is sending video to your Chromecast or using your webcam. A speaker icon will be shown by the browser to indicate the sound playing in any site. A red dot will be seen when video is being sent and a blue rectangle is seen in case of webcam access. If you have ever tried to find out which site suddenly starts to play a video or music without avail, you will find this feature really beneficial.

  • Malware blocking

Malware blocker is another feature in this latest version of Google Chrome. This feature was first available in October last year, in Chrome’s trial Canary version. This feature will cause Google to automatically stop downloads which have been flagged as malware by its systems.

  • New look in ‘Metro’ mode for Windows 8 users

The latest version of Google Chrome has a new look in ‘Metro’ mode for users of Windows 8. There is an integrated app launcher with which you can organize many Chrome windows and reach your favorite apps in the least possible time. Updates have also been made on the desktop with styling of UI components like scrollbars, form controls, etc. to go with the new design of Chrome Metro interface.

  • Supervised users

Still in beta, this feature will let you help family members like your kids, grandparents, etc. who might need guidance on web browsing. You can create a supervised user and go to to set up site restrictions after review their browsing history.

A lot of security fixes (precisely 21), have been made from the last version. Apart from that, updates have been made on the stability and performance of the browser.

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