Write a LinkedIn Recommendation in 5 Easy Ways

How many times have you ignored a request for recommendation in LinkedIn? Your intention might not be bad, and you might have skipped the request due to lack of proper content. It is a common problem that is faced by many while writing a recommendation. Which skills to mention, what to write, how long should be the content, these are some of the common questions that come to our mind and at the end confusion leads us to skip writing. Now, you can write a wonderful recommendation without the least difficulty. Follow these five easy steps and you are all set.

LinkedIn Recommendation

  1. Start with a line which has the wow factor

Like any content’s heading. Your recommendation’s starting line should have the wow factor. It should be able to draw the attention of the audience. However, make sure you do not use phrases like ‘one of my favorites’, ‘one of the best’, etc. You need not use any superlative for describing the skills of the person.

  1. Describe how you are related with the person

You should describe your work relationship with the person you are recommending. Mention the reporting relationship along with the duration when you two have worked together. The content should make it clear that you are competent enough to recommend that person.

  1. Mention one or two best traits

It is natural that you might find many characteristics to be good for the person you are recommending. But that doesn’t mean you will add each of them in your content. Cut out the obvious and mention one or two best traits which stand out for the person according to you. You can also ask the person if he/she wants you to focus on any particular trait.

  1. Share some facts about the individual’s personality

Often employers are searching for points which show that the person is not only efficient in his/her work but is also great to work with. So, you can share some facts which reflect the individual’s personality. Be sure that you share such insights which may not go against the person.

  1. Finish off with a strong recommendation

After all that you have written, the final step that needs to be done is to seal your recommendation. Add a final line which will make it clear for the readers that you are strongly supporting the person and he/she has your positive feedback. It doesn’t have to be a long sentence. Think something which is short and strong.

So, the next time you get a recommendation request from your colleague or employee, just follow these easy steps and you will have an amazing recommendation ready for your contact.

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