‘Tailored Audiences’ will provide More Relevant Ads in Twitter

Since July, Twitter was testing the ‘tailored audiences’ program which allowed users to get relevant ads based on their search. On Thursday, it announced the worldwide availability of this program in Twitter. This means good news for the advertisers. They can now reach out to their target audience easily. ‘Tailored audiences’ is also going to help the consumers. They can now get to know about the brands they are interested in, right from their stream. So, this announcement can give both the consumers and the advertisers a reason to cheer. Know more about this program from this article.

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What will Tailored Audiences give?

To advertisers

Tailored audiences will provide advertisers the opportunity to promote their brand in Twitter to select set of audience. If you are an advertiser, you can aim users who have already shown interest in your brand. You can target not only your website visitors, but also people who have searched about your brand in Twitter or outside it.

To consumers

Consumers can get highly relevant messages in their stream about products that they are interested in. They can avail special offers or discounts through these sites, without even checking out their site regularly. They won’t have to go through any unnecessary ads. Only relevant ads will come up, based on their own browsing history.

What’s the Process?

A brand might want to give an ad on Twitter and prefer to show it to people who have visited their site as well as to those in Twitter, who might be interested in their product or service. For this, the brand has to share browser related data like browser Cookie ID through an ad partner of Twitter. This data will then be matched with Twitter users and those matching the criteria will get to see the promoted tweet. The ‘tailored audiences’ will work in this way.

Ad Partners

The ad partners through which you can market your product in Twitter include AdRoll, Adara, DataXu, Chango, BlueKai, Lotame, Dstillery, Quantcast, [x+1] and ValueClick.

Privacy for the Users

Users, who do not want to see such ads, can have their account private. Their privacy won’t be compromised. If you do not want to see promoted tweets, all you need to do is go to Privacy settings and uncheck the box which is beside ‘Promoted content’. Once this is done, Twitter won’t match your account with the data provided by the ad partners. Because of the Do Not Track (DNT) feature, Twitter won’t get any browser cookie ID from its ad partners and modify ads based on that information. If you have DNT allowed in your browser, you can be sure that your privacy is safe.

This new feature of Twitter will hopefully turn out to be useful both for the consumers as well as the advertisers.

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