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If you have a huge friend list which consists of like minded individuals, you will find many interesting reads in your news feed. However, you might not be able to read them all due to lack of time. Facebook has been ideally described by Mark Zuckerberg as a personalized newspaper. You might not get completely fresh news, but they will surely make for a fascinating read. If you don’t find the time to read such interesting news, it becomes really frustrating. Now, you don’t have to miss out reading these posts. Facebook is testing its new feature which will let you save the links for reading later.


“Save for Later”

This new “Save for later” feature of Facebook which is being tested currently will help you immensely if love reading. In your spare time, if you hunt through your news feed to read an article which you had seen earlier, this feature will be a real benefit for you. You no longer have to go through the arduous task of finding a news piece, which has got buried under newer posts. With this feature, you can save the link that you find interesting and read it later when you are free. It will soon roll out to every Facebook user.

First Occurrence of the Concept

The idea of this feature is not new. It has been tested earlier as well, only this time it is more radical and is going to be released widely.  The first occurrence of this feature was seen in iPad and iPhone in 2012, in a version of Facebook app. With this feature, people could save an article to a different list by marking that content with their fingers. There was a bookmark icon button, which users could press and save their content.

Apps with Similar feature

Apps like Pocket, Instapaper, etc. have similar feature which helps users to read any content later. Safari, the Apple browser has included a feature like this which is available on desktop with Mac OS X Mavericks and on mobile with iOS6.

Dissimilarities between Facebook feature and other Apps

You might know about the apps with similar feature, yet they differ from the ‘save for later’ Facebook feature in some ways.

  • In case of other apps having this feature, you can only save links for articles. But, in Facebook, you will be able to save articles, your friends’ pictures or even the relationship status of your secret crush. You can turn this to your social To-do list.

  • With this feature, Facebook can observe your reading behavior and monetize even more from it. This can be possible because, you will be reading within Facebook. It is not yet known whether this feature will help you to read your saved articles or other content, offline as well.

One thing is for sure. This feature will make your reading experience even better.

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