Now Send Photos through Twitter Direct Messages

Mobile users are increasing by the day and new apps are developing to maximize the user experience. Twitter has also been making updates in its mobile apps, so that users can stay connected easily. The latest addition makes it possible for users to send photos through direct messages. Apart from this new addition, some other changes were also made in Twitter. To know more about them, have a look at this post.


Sharing Photos through Direct Message

This feature will be available to Android and iOS users who download the latest version of the app or update it. Once this app is updated, users can not only send photos but also receive them through DM (direct message). This will be available for both web and mobile versions. Not only this, now it will be easier to access your direct messages. This is because a new tab has been added in the navigation bar from where you can access the DM. Only one tap is needed to access this tab. Sharing images will now be really easier.

Swipe between Timelines

Apart from the introduction of photo sharing feature through DM, another addition has been made in the Twitter app. You can now swipe between different timelines as you like. If you are in the Home timeline, you can swipe to the Discover timeline to get updates on popular Tweets, new accounts which are interesting for you or find latest trends. From that timeline, you can swipe to the Activity timeline to check out the accounts that are prevalent among those you follow and their Tweets as well.

Other updates

Apart from these two major updates, there are other additions which have been made to the Twitter app for iOS and Twitter.

Twitter for iOS– iOS users will get in-app notifications when others reply or retweet their tweets. Even when others send them a direct message or favorite their tweets, users will get notified. This is an iOS only feature and cannot be found in the Android apps.

Twitter for Android– If Android users want to get notifications on a particular person, they have to set it up. All they have to do I,s go to the profile page of that person and tap the star icon, which is beside the Follow button. These notifications can be set up for any user, be it celebrities or non-celebrities.

With the introduction of these features, the number of smartphone users downloading this app is more likely to increase.

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